Blow up your opponents options with these Ed option selects in Street Fighter V

By on October 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm
sfv ed high def picture of strength

While option selects haven’t been prevalent within Street Fighter V to date, they still crop up from time to time. While Ed has solid offense, it can still be blown up from people who have learned to fight against him. These options selects, however, will change the tide back in Ed’s favor.

Ed has various options to battle around his opponents’ V-Reversals. The first one is off of a jump-in — that by buffering low short into low jab into EX Psycho Upper, you will get EX Psycho Upper if your opponent V-Reversals, and will otherwise get the start of a combo or blockstring that will conclude with Psycho Flicker if your opponent does nothing, or gets hit.

These next two take care of the approach from the ground. Using this, if they V-Reversal on the first hit of this blockstring, it will buffer into a super, and otherwise will continue the blockstring.

The last one is slightly similar, but will perform an EX Psycho Upper if they V-Reversal.

Source: RagingStormX

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