Witness the impossible tool-assisted slide movement of Tekken 7

By on October 11, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Eddy Gordon Tekken 7

Who needs the Korean Backdash when you have… whatever this monstrosity is?

Believe it or not, everything above is working as intended. One of the features and fun of Tekken 7 is learning its malleable, complex movement system. But having a movement system with so many ways to manipulate it can produce some unintended hilarity when you bring inhuman inputs into the equation. The above insanity is produced by repeated “back > down” inputs each frame — and adding a “up-back” input makes Eddy slide backwards — at a rate well above human capability. This likely works with every character, but Eddy’s active idle animation makes this particularly funny.

So you won’t be using this in tournaments (unless your tournament name is “Deep Blue”) but hopefully it’s an amusing reminder that Tekken’s movement will always be as flexible as you are.

Sources: @yorollelreddit

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