Stay on your toes by blocking and reacting to Hibiki mix-ups with this BlazBlue: Central Fiction tutorial

By on October 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is an explosive game. With the availability of many resources, like Overdrive, Dragon Punches, and other character-specific mechanics, blocking is often the last resort. And yet, there are many characters with very long pressure-strings, resets, and overheads that lead into combos.

Watch Central Fiction newcomer Hibiki’s pressure become a lot less scary, once you see the video below. The text displays specific frame numbers so you know what kind of poke to use, whatever character you’re using. Some attack strings leave much bigger openings; if you Instant Block a 5A into Hibiki’s overhead, 4B, you can do a big punish. If you happen to play Es, you can pick up on some combos as well. It’s also useful to see how to counter Hibiki’s special moves, should he choose to do them in an attack string.

Though understandably, not everybody in the game has a Dragon Punch, and I can’t say I would “react” to some of these quicker strings, but having this knowledge (for example, which special move you can anti-air or even grab) can lead you to reversing the situation without using any resources.

Looking to pressure people as Es instead? Check out how Ronitta handles the BlazBlue character.

Source: Warui-Neko Kun

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