Dan Hibiki returning to battle a terrifying new opponent in Episode 2 of the Saikyo Ryu Online fan series

By on October 11, 2017 at 8:00 pm
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Dan faces his most difficult challenge yet!

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Dan Hibiki is ready to jump back into the fight in the second episode of the Saikyo Ryu Online fan series! In the first episode, Dan’s efforts to save the world from destruction were rewarded only with eviction from his beloved dojo (and home). Can Dan’s Saikyo-ryu triumph over the strongest foe he has yet faced: the bank?! We’ll find out soon…

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Episode 2 is scheduled to arrive on October 14th; subscribe to the Saikyo Ryu Online channel for updates. If you missed it, check out the first episode of Saikyo Ryu Online!

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