S.T.L.’s latest Tekken 7 combo video shows cross-ups mid juggle, back turn shenanigans, Lee buffs, and more!

By on October 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Tekken 7 Lee

There’s few combo makers in the Tekken community with the skill to manipulate side and back turned states quite like S.T.L. Their latest combo video is the strongest case yet for the creativity allowed in Tekken’s free-form juggle system: it’s impractical, technical, and flashy as hell.

Fans of Master Raven, Nina, Heihachi, Bryan, Akuma, and Lars will be pleased to see some re-wall splats and cross unders for their favorite characters. We also get to see S.T.L.’s hand with the recently buffed Lee Chaolan, in the form of his larger B+2 hitboxs and reduced push out on 4,U+3 mid juggle.

Source: STL1119

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