Barcelona Games World results

By on October 10, 2017 at 3:00 pm

This weekend saw three Master Events take place as part of the 2017 Tekken World Tour, whose finals will be in San Francisco, California on November 12th. With just over a month left to acquire points and improve status on the Global Leaderboards, some of the finest warriors descended upon Barcelona, Spain, in order to determine who was truly the Spanish King Of Iron Fist. As a Master Event, there was also a $10,000 pot bonus up for grabs as well.



Tekken 7

1. Eastone|Gura (Leo, Lili)
2. HG|Ghirlanda (Katarina)
3. CCG|Tissuemon (Master Raven)
4. CCG|Bode (Leo, Kazumi)
5. HG|Sersambo (Dragunov)
5. Asim (Katarina, Dragunov)
7. PrincesaNamine (Lucky Chloe)
7. DanielMado (Jin)
9. Schrodingre (Dragunov)
9. HG|Mitrust-Storm (Nina)
9. Haroun (Hwoarang)
9. ES|BlackKazama (Asuka)
13. DG|KaneAndTrench (Yoshimitsu)
13. DG|ThePhantom (Master Raven)
13. Asterion|Malekith (Asuka)
13. Bati (King)

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