Scizor shreds lifebars in Muramishi’s latest Pokkén Tournament DX combo video

By on October 9, 2017 at 8:00 pm

In Pokkén Tournament DX, damage scaling and phase shift mechanics are Bandai Namco’s chosen methods of controlling damage output for optimal combos. Because of this, you generally see damage cap at similar numbers in Duel Phase, somewhere within the 200-230 range, before a phase shift occurs — depending upon the character at combo starter.

Scizor, Namco’s clear pitch to airdash fanatics, breaks through all of that with his “Swords Dance” subsystem, and the long air combos that come about because of them. Muramishi shows off some impressive stuff here, including a link from Scizor’s sword-buffed “Aerial Ace” and an insane Burst Mode-only 300+ combo that doesn’t consume his Burst Attack.

Source: Muramishi

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