MK_REO discusses how terrifying Injustice 2’s “background bounce” mechanic makes Brainiac

By on October 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm

It’s a generally accepted fact that Injustice 2‘s Brainiac is a coin-flipping monster once he pins you down in the corner. With access to unreactable combo-starting options from both a 9-frame overhead and a 7-frame low, jockeying for position becomes incredibly important in order to beat the “Collector of Worlds.”

MK_REO, a NRS content creator and Method Gaming -sponsored player, observed that this isn’t enough to build a gameplan off of, when fighting Brainiac. The reason for this is because the “background bounce” mechanic allows him to setup the same unseeable, high-damage mix-up mid-screen on certain stages — which, as REO notes, is half the stage list of the game.

Source: MK_REO

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