GamerFinger is returning with a new revision of their silent HBFS buttons

By on October 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Several years ago, Taiwanese manufacturer GamerFinger took siege of the FGC with their HBFS buttons. Their silent, mechanical switch buttons hit a unique niche in the market. Unfortunately, they weren’t without flaws: the first version saw issues with the switch tabs falling off of the buttons, and the second version saw the snap-in tabs too stiff, making them difficult to put into a case, or remove.

The third time appears to be the charm, as GamerFinger was at TWFighter Major over the weekend, showcasing their third version of the buttons, the HBFS G3. These appear to solve both issues, with standard switch tabs to connect your wiring to. They also seem to have gone a route similar to Crown’s 203C buttons, and made them both threaded and snap-ins — meaning you can choose to either snap or screw the buttons into your case.

While no public release date has been set, we’ll keep you updated on this exciting technical development.

Source: GamerFinger

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