Check out these humorous sets between Nakao’s Jubei and Garireo’s Litchi

By on October 9, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Maybe Jubei hasn’t made as much of a splash onto the competitive scene as some players hoped, but there might still be some hope for the character. Even if he isn’t as viable, it’s good to see two pro BlazBlue: Central Fiction players duke it out in a fun set. PNS|Garireo, who recently triumphed at CEOtaku 2017, takes on Nakao’s Jubei in a best to three.

Litchi shows just how oppressive she can get in Garireo’s skilled hands. Though Nakao does make the fight look pretty even, it’s not easy at all. It’s pretty close, but Litchi edges out the win in the first set. That Astral attempt though…

In the second video, Garireo starts out dominant, and Nakao is barely able to land even a hit. The kitty cat does surmount a comeback, however. It’s definitely an uphill battle for Nakao, especially in neutral, because Litchi covers the screen so well and can confirm into good corner carry. However, Nakao shows some pretty impressive skills with Jubei.

Check out all three sets below, which are worth to watch even just to see two highly skilled players having some entertaining matches.

Source: この野郎! 戦の時間だ

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