Great Big Story catches up with Street Fighter legend Tomo Ohira to talk about his departure

By on October 8, 2017 at 10:00 am
Ryu Super Turbo

While there is many legends within the fighting game community, none have had the influence on the American scene like that of Tomo Ohira. The Los Angeles-based player made a name for himself as the best Street Fighter II player alive, winning tournament after tournament before eventually disappearing from the scene altogether.

His name is so iconic that people still ask where he is and if he will ever make a return to the competitive scene. In this video from Great Big Story, they chronicle some of his achievements prior to his departure, before getting word from the man himself, who says he left because the fire to compete had been exchanged with the fire to simply not lose. They also give us a glimpse into what he is doing now.

Source: Great Big Story

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