That Blasted Salami kicks off his “Tekken 7 Essentials” series with a breakdown of Dragunov

By on October 7, 2017 at 10:00 am
Dragunov srk

That Blasted Salami has released the first episode in an assumed series dubbed Tekken 7 Essentials. The first episode is a breakdown of Russian Sambo master and military man Sergei Dragunov, a character who is regarded by many in the Tekken community as one of the series’ best.

The breakdown starts by pinpointing Dragunov’s core strengths and weaknesses, before graduating to more specific topics like the safety of certain attacks, counter hit properties, frame data for key moves and much more.

Check out Tekken 7 Essentials Episode 1 below to see what Dragunov is all about!

Source: That Blasted Salami