Even more Mad Gear members take the stage in the latest Final Fight 2 CFN Portal profiles

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The Final Fight 2 Mad Gear Gang CFN character profiles continue: as Private Nakagawa continues to unveil Shadaloo’s collected information on Retsu’s notorious gang, who nearly staged a coup of Metro City.

Next up on the list is Atlas.

Private Nakagawa: “His trained body is his weapon. The whole town fears him for his violent attitude. He drinks right from the morning, and is a troublesome fellow, who immediately comes to hug you.” [In FF2, Atlas did a very annoying Bear Hug.]


Basic Info:

Name: Atlas
Height: 201cm
Weight: 120kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: June 22nd
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Hot Women, Alcohol
Dislikes: Work

Private Nakagawa: “He played American Football at a university, and was a promising player. He also had interest in combat sports, and began to train in wrestling and sambo. Unfortunately, due to getting involved in a car accident, his professional sports career came to a halt. Nowadays, he indulges and drowns in alcohol and violence.”

Next, we move on to his partner, Jony:

Private Nakagawa: “A big guy who’s quick to take offense and lose his cool. Wow, scary! Haste makes waste!” [The Japanese expression 短期は損気 tanki wa sonki “Short temper is an inconvenience” is commonly translated this way — while not completely identical to the English one.]


Basic Info:

Name: Jony
Height: 204 cm
Weight: 128 kg
Blood type: unknown
Birthday: April 19
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Tomato juice
Dislikes: Dark places

Private Nakagawa: “He gets along well with the town brute Atlas. He even wears the same accessories. He has a powerful palm strike [張り手 harite, the same basic sumō palm strike that Honda does as well, as his LP or MP.] and a characteristically threatening voice that he loudly uses to intimidate his opponents.”

Moving on, we take a look at Jack’s partner, Schot:

Private Nakagawa: “A man with a fired-up hairstyle. It’s incredibly mook-like!! One of those who go ‘yahoo!’ you know. [An evident reference to Fist of the North Star‘s standard mooks, perpetually grinning and screaming excitedly, and often sporting the same punk hairstyle.] …Oh, is he angry?”


Basic Info:

Name: Schot
Height: 182cm
Weight: 79kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: August 10th
Country of Origin: UK
Likes: Early Punk
Dislikes: Difficult Things

Private Nakagawa: “When he was young in his home country, he played in a punk band. The members went along well, and the band’s name was ‘Big B & Bullheads.’ Nowadays he has a job at a record shop specialized in punk. Also earns some pocket money working as an underling for a certain organization. He often causes trouble because of his attitude being prone to brawls.”

Finally, we move on to the last member of this incarnation of the Mad Gear Gang: Bull’s partner Elijah.

Private Nakagawa: “A man who serves as a smuggler for a criminal organization. Reports indicate that he’s tied to numerous organizations. It seems he’s able to be trusted, because he’s not only tight-lipped, but he also has a human side.”


Basic Info:

Name: Elijah
Height: 179cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: October 20th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: His Mom, His Bass
Dislikes: Raw Fish

Private Nakagawa: “His silky hair was his trademark, but his favorite hair conditioner went off production, and he’s worrying because his hair is becoming a little dry. Triggered by a superhero movie he’s recently seen, he began dressing smartly and wearing a goatee and a moustache. He lives in the downtown area with his mother. The two constantly quarrel, but that’s proof they’re close.”

That’s it for all of the Mad Gear Gang members — but characters like the Genryusai family and the Skull Cross Gang of 1995’s Final Fight 3 still have yet to be covered, so we’ll likely dive back into the streets of Metro City in the weeks and months ahead. You can check out some of the other Mad Gear members here.

Special thanks to Midgardson for translations and footnotes.

Source: CFN Portal

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