See how Yamcha, Tien, SSB Goku and Vegeta play with these Dragon Ball FighterZ breakdowns from Game Informer

By on October 6, 2017 at 2:30 pm
DBFZ Yamcha Intro

Continuing their month long coverage of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Game Informer have created special character breakdowns for new characters Tien and Yamcha, as well as Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. While only short overviews, they give eager DBFZ fans a glimpse of the overall skill sets of each fighter.

For SSB Goku, he’s a more aggressive version of the full blooded Saiyan. He gains a handful of new specials which have him crossing the screen at great speed, including a divekick and a teleport which has him appearing behind the opponent and kicking them in the back. He also has an unblockable gut punch — perfect for breaking down an opponent’s defence but it has quite the lengthy start up. The heavy version of the gut punch puts opponents into a crumple state, allowing for a tag combo. Similar to Gohan’s Father/Son Kamehameha, SSB Goku can beef up his Level 3 Super, the Kaioken x 20 God Kamehameha, with a powerful uppercut if you have two spare Super bars.

Like Goku, SSB Vegeta is geared toward offensive play. He gains a jumping command grab which slams opponents into the earth, while his Dash Kick has morphed in a rekka. Vegeta can follow up the Dash Kick with two extra attacks, including a side-switch and a flip kick which allows the Saiyan to disengage if he hits a blocking opponent. His Big Bang Attack becomes his 236+Ki Blast while in Super Saiyan Blue, and his Level 1 Super now has him rushing his opponent down with a rapid flurry of punches and kicks. Vegeta’s Final Flash can also be enhanced by spending two bars of the Super gauge, adding a super-powered gut punch onto the end of it.

Yamcha has a special place in Arc System Works’ heart and it shows in their design for the desert bandit. Yamcha’s regular Wolf Fang Fist is a rekka, allowing Yamcha to mix up his opponent with highs, lows, side-switches and even a launcher. Players can control the trajectory of his Spirit Ball Super, so you can determine in which direction your opponent flies at the end of the attack.

Unlike the other three characters, Tien is still in active development, so things like his idle animation are still a work in progress. Tien’s moveset collects together techniques from the original Dragon Ball, alongside Z and Super, to make him a well-rounded fighter. His Volleyball Attack has Tien dashing forward with a low-hitting strike and punting his opponent into the air. You can either start a regular air combo after launching your opponent skyward, or you can simply smash the opponent back down to the ground with a powerful spike. He does have a diving knee attack as well, which acts as a fast-moving overhead.

Tien can summon Chiaotzu to freeze his foe in place for a short time, so he can move in to attack. Finally, both his normal and Shin Kikoho drain Tien’s health to balance the relative power of these Supers. His Shin Kikoho can be used multiple times in a row, with each consecutive use draining both his health bar and Super meter. It can be a worthwhile gamble, as four consecutive blasts of the Shin Kikoho can kill a full health enemy.

You can check out all the video breakdowns on the Game Informer website and stay tuned for more information over the coming month.

Source: Game Informer

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