Feast your eyes on official — and unofficial — BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle footage

By on October 6, 2017 at 10:30 am

Can’t Escape from Crossing Fate!

We’re finally seeing more footage from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle! The zany crossover is now playable at New York Comic Con, and we’ve heard some Cross Tag Battle first impressions from players. Earlier today, the official Arc System Works uploaded a “Play Movie” that shows battles in high quality.

The matches showcase all seven available characters — Ragna, Jin, Hyde, Linne, Yu, Yosuke, and Ruby — while playing their themes in the background, including one from the RWBY soundtrack (it sounds fitting!). There’s a couple of interesting things to note: for instance, you can pre-select who goes first during the loading screen. You can also spot a “Reject” mechanic where a player pushes the assailant back, à la Marvel vs. Capcom.

My favorite moments are right at 3:00, when Jin, while having Resonance Blaze, cuts through both opponents with an Overdrive Ice Fang, dealing a whopping 7000 damage to the off-character. There’s also a cool interaction around 6:18 when Linne is about to hit Ragna with a super, but Hyde activates his own in response, narrowly saving Ragna with a clash.

There are also some unofficial videos floating around on Twitter:

Sources: Arc System Works;@UnsafeonHit; @_AetherStar

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