desk debunks his Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite combo limit theories in his latest video

By on October 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Combo Limit

In a previous Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite video from desk, he noticed that characters would flip out of a combo if hit by a light punch 20 times. It was a natural assumption, then, that an combo that repeated a move 20 times would cause a character to flip out.

That proves not to be the case, however. As tested in this video, the only move that causes this flip-out is indeed light punch, which is likely due to a preventative measure by Capcom to prevent light punch infinites. However, given the prevalence of an easy-to-execute infinite with Spider-Man, could adding this to all moves be the solution to all of the game-breaking things that could be found?

Source: desk

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