Catch footage of the top BlazBlue: Central Fiction arcade player, Ronitta, using Es

By on October 6, 2017 at 8:00 pm

As we’re well into “Season 2” of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, it’s interesting to see how the gameplay landscape has shifted. While the game generally feels more fair for the majority of the cast, one player in particular has risen to the top. The arcade rankings show Ronitta’s Es as the currently highest-placing fighter.

Though the rankings aren’t a clear correlation to a “tier list,” you can see Ronitta’s dominance in the footage compilation from Jourdal below. Es has a very balanced moveset, great range for normals, and zoning that’s actually difficult to deal with for a lot of characters. Ronitta shows how to handle Izanami, Mai, Azrael and Nine in the matches below.

Curious about the list of top arcade players? Jourdal also uploaded a video showing the rankings and wrote our their names and characters:

1. Ronitta (ES) Tentei
2. Koike (LI) Tentei
3. Itou Sae (CR) Tentei
4. Fenrich (JI) Meiou
5. Masa (MA) Meiou
6. Daiwa (PL) Meiou
7. Isa (IN) Meiou
8. Konan (TS) Meiou
9. Uma No Hone (VK) Meiou
10. Naoto (NI) Meiou
11. ??? (AM) Meiou
12. Grandia (TG) Meiou
13. Esuke (CR) Meiou
14. N-O (RC) Kishin
15. ??? (PL) Kishin
16. Mokemoke (RE) Kishin
17. Fumi (NI) Kishin
18. Matoi (KO) Kishin
19. J Anson (HZ) Kishin
20. Fukku (Bang) Kishin
21. Kikuchiyo (LI) Kishin
22. Poropiccho (SU) Kishin
23. Makki @Lin Hime (RC) Kishin
24. Aosame (AR) Kishin
25. Takahiro/Kuresu (ES) Kishin
26. Rikutoe (IN) Kishin
27. Yutta (RG) Kishin
28. Watagashi (Es) Kishin
29. DISA (NI) Kishin
30. ??? (HI) Kishin

Be sure to keep an eye on Jourdal’s channel for more BlazBlue footage.

Source: Jourdal

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