The winner of Revolution 2017’s Fight of Gods tournament will take away a golden crown of thorns

By on October 5, 2017 at 12:00 pm
fight of gods jesus vs buddha

In its first major offline tournament, Fight of Gods publisher PQube are going all-out to determine who will becoming the “One True God” of fighting games. Along with a special cross-shaped trophy which will proclaim said player as a deity, the Revolution 2017 grand champion will also be crowned with a literal crown of thorns.

Well, when I say “literal crown of thorns”: it’s a circle of barbed wire spray painted gold, but it certainly looks similar to what the Son of God (and infinite expert) Jesus wore when atoning for humanity’s sins. Those players in second and third won’t lose out either, as they will also be rewarded with thorned crowns of silver and bronze. I suspect PQube couldn’t find frankincense and myrrh at such short notice.

The Fight of Gods tournament will take place this weekend at Revolution 2017, with passes being available at the door if you wish to compete. It is not yet foretold whether the Fight of Gods tournament will be streamed from the event.

Fight of Gods Jesus

Source: PQube

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