First player impressions on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle at New York Comic Con

By on October 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm

The day has come for players to try out BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle for the first time. As announced at the Tokyo Game Show, a playable build of the game is available to try at NYCC. It’s in a very early stage, obviously, and there aren’t any more characters or surprises yet. But it is the first chance to get a taste of most of the mechanics in the game.

The build has Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Hyde, Linne, Jin, Ragna, and Ruby. Players attending the event have begun to share their impressions on Twitter. PG|SKD has done some write-ups, describing game controls.

  • There are five buttons: A, B, C, Assist, Tag
  • C is always an overhead, or 2C is a sweep
  • Special moves can be done with quarter circle motions (214/236). Supers are done by pressing two buttons at once. Performing Special moves with C costs meter as well.
  • It’s possible to keep an assisting character on the screen longer and to direct them to do attacks.
  • Throws are done with BC and they act similarly to throws in BlazBlue
  • Dragon Punches are done with AD (or A and Assist)

In part 2, SKD writes:

  • Resonance Blaze is sort of like X-Factor and Overdrive. It’s a comeback mechanic that’s available once the partner is knocked out. Resonance Blaze refills the meter quickly, makes supers stronger, and regenerates health.
  • There are auto-combos by pressing the A/B buttons repetitevely.
  • You can’t be thrown during blockstun, and also, when you press throw, the character will dash forward a bit to grab.

SKD and others have also tweeted a bunch of impressions and answered some questions:

Stay tuned to SRK as we learn more; also, check out the first video of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle gameplay.

Sources: PG|SKD; PAG|Grover; @_AetherStar

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