BigEGaming adds Pokkén Tournament DX to October 14th’s Broad Street Battle tournament

By on October 4, 2017 at 5:00 pm
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Broad Street Battle is a major taking place on Oct. 14th in Philadelphia, PA, and it’s already an important stop for the Red Bull Proving Grounds, Curleh Circuit and Burst League. As of today, you can add the Pokkén Arena Circuit to this list:

Pokkén Tournament DX has been added as a main title to the Big E Sponsored tournament, with future announcements to come. Big E tournaments have been an integral part of the Pokkén Tournament scene since their beginnings at Final Round 19. With a new update to the series and $1000 pot bonus secured at another Big E tournament (NEC18), the continued support comes as no surprise.

Source: @BigEgaming

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