Legion Tekken demonstrates King’s unblockable wake-up game in Tekken 7

By on October 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm

While there are many options when getting up off the ground in Tekken 7, in most cases a tech roll is one of the safer options you can employ. There are ways for the opponent to punish tech rolls, of course, and few are as painful (or as gimmicky) as getting hit by an unblockable.

And if you find yourself matched up against Tekken 7′s King, staying on the ground to avoid the unblockable sets yourself up for one of his many ground grabs. All of this is demonstrated (from ranked matches, no less) in LEGION TEKKEN‘s latest video.

There’s also some bonus wall combo content showing the hilarious damage output of King’s parry in a very specific, wholly unrealistic situation.


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