Koefficient introduces you to BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s mechanics with a beginner tutorial

By on October 3, 2017 at 8:00 pm
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BlazBlue: Central Fiction is a bit of a daunting game to pick up. It not only has large character cast, but there’s plenty of game mechanics that have been tacked on over the years. While the title does feature a robust tutorial — with hints for specific characters — sometimes it’s better to have someone talk to you through it, or you want to learn on the go. YouTuber Koefficient created a thorough video that unravels the Wheel of Time.

He starts out by explaining the gauges around the screen, particularly delving into the Burst Gauge, which is shared with the Overdrive mechanic. Related to it are Active Flow and Exceed Accel, which are an empowered state and a special move from Overdrive, respectively. After that, Koefficient explains Barrier and Crush Trigger, then goes into more basic mechanics, like throws and throw teching.

Have a friend who keeps getting Purple Thrown, or someone who’s been looking at BlazBlue, but not fully understanding it? The video might be just for them. If you’re looking for guides specifically for characters, look into videos from Level 482 Productions.

Source: Koefficient

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