Combos, glitches, and even an infinite abound in our latest Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite video roundup

By on October 2, 2017 at 12:00 pm

With the game barely over a week old, players have been doing their best to explore the possibilities that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite‘s engine brings. For this roundup of videos for the game, we take a look at a number of combos, as well as a glitch, and even an infinite combo for the game.

We start off with FINAL SHOWDOWN, who has put out a combo guide for Ryu. The guide specifically covers Ryu’s hurricane kick loops: both a corner one, and the midscreen one that can carry to the corner.

Next up, rooflemonger has released his video guides for Captain Marvel. The first video focuses on her combos — something she seems to have a lot of — including one for players who’re having trouble pulling off her flight combos.

He follows that up with a video dedicated to some tips and tricks for her.

This video from VuVHO shows a combo for X that does its best to use every weapon in his arsenal, including both his special moves, and unique command normals.

For those looking for straight up damage over swag, Krullexneo has shared a combo for Ryu and Gamora, using the Power Stone, that does 11,000 damage. This is enough to take out characters in the game’s highest health tiers.

Pyro Dex meanwhile focuses on optimal bread-and-butter combos for the team of Dante and Morrigan.

Speaking of Dante, a glitch was recently discovered that turned his Stinger into a mid-hitting — or overhead — move, if it was cancelled out of a crouching light kick. XusesGB demonstrates how to reliably invoke this glitch in the video below.

Finally, it seems that we just can’t have a proper Marvel vs. Capcom game without some form of infinite combo. One was recently discovered for Spider-Man, using the capture state invoked by his Web Ball special, and then using a full screen Reality Stone Surge — and a bit of timing to pull it off. You can see this in action in the tweet below by luk_rakku.

While we don’t know if this’ll be patched out (I mean, it’s a Marvel Vs. game after all), that hasn’t stopped players from trying to find ways to set it up. BigSharkZ has shared a video showing how Zero can help set the infinite up for Spider-Man.

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