Tekken 7 patch version 1.08 is live, improves online stability and tweaks Tekken Bowl mode

By on September 29, 2017 at 5:00 pm
Tekken Bowling

Tekken 7 version 1.08 went live yesterday evening, and it once again changes the information displayed when connecting to an opponent in Ranked Match. Version 1.08 is a mostly “behind the scenes” patch, focusing on online connectivity and bug fixes. There are a few game balancing implementations though– for Tekken Bowl mode.

The notes from the PS4 patch history include:

“PS4 Download size: 1.672 GB

Steam Download size: 285.7 MB

  • Improved optimization of the game’s performance.
  • Removed “Max No. of Players” from tournament matchmaking conditions.
  • Changed the information displayed about your opponent during standby for warm-up.
  • Made adjustments to the behavior of the throwing gauge in the Ultimate Tekken Bowl.
  • Fixed various bugs.”

While EU.Tekken goes into greater detail on the Tekken Bowl changes:

Improved modes related to ONLINE

  • Win record will no longer be displayed before the start of PLAYER MATCH.
  • To improve matches in ONLINE TOURNAMENT, deleted the selection of maximum participants on the page of creating and searching for online tournaments.

Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL improvements

  • Character voice will be played when throwing a ball.
  • Adjusted the speed of various gauges when throwing a ball.
  • Adjusted the camera for when a player gets a STRIKE.

Issues with certain characters fixed

  • Issue of the tattoo on Katarina’s stomach disappearing when wearing specific costumes has been fixed

Improved game stability

  • Improved the stability of Online modes, Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL, actions during battle in certain stages, Character Customization, etc.”

Sources: eu.tekkenavoidingthepuddle

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