Hear how Marvel and Capcom brought the story mode to life in Part 2 of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite BTS

By on September 29, 2017 at 6:00 pm
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Marvel Entertainment has returned with Part 2 of their Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite behind-the-scenes documentary: “Bringing the Story Mode to Life.” This time, the Executive Creative Director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, Capcom writer Paul Gardner, Capcom Associate Brand Manager Brett Elston, and the game’s producer, Capcom’s Mike Evans, speak about the process of writing the 2-hour-plus Cinematic Story Mode, which is a first for the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise.

“This time around, we decided, let’s really get into what has brought the characters together. I know as a Marvel fan, I always want a story,” said Rosemann.

With 30 playable characters, along with several NPCs and DLC characters Sigma, Black Panther and Monster Hunter making appearances, the team felt it was best suited to introduce characters in various groups of teams on “Stone Missons.”

“One of the things that was very fun early on was thinking of what character pairings would work, and even if they didn’t work throughout the entirety of the Story, they would at least set up good moments,” Elston noted.

Writer Paul Gardner best summed this up in the interactions between Spider-Man and Frank West, as they infiltrate the newly-formed A.I.M.brella Corporation, along with Resident Evil‘s Chris Redfield.

“They both have a similar kind of way of dealing with the world through their wit. The difference is, Spider-Man kind of uses his wit as a weapon, and Frank’s using his wit as a shield.” He also noted how much he enjoyed writing for Ghost Rider and Morrigan.

“Morrigan is a succubus, and so she draws her power from seduction. Ghost Rider is very stoic and he’s kind of almost immune to her charms.”

Other topics discussed include the decision to make Xgard Ultron Sigma’s base of operations, how Jedah’s use of the Soul Stone has corrupted his usual code of honor, ensuring that they preserved the spirit and voice of each character, as well as “peeling back the layers” to show what led to the beginning of the Convergence, as well as weaving all of the characters and their various quests back into the scope of the overall narrative.

Paul Gardner closed with the following statement:

“You know, we’re a game first and foremost. The goal of the Story is to give meaning, motivation, substance and a sense of stakes, to the gameplay.” You can see the full video below, and can check out Part 1 of MvC:I BTS here.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam PC.

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