X-Kira reveals leaked PlayStation 4 promo video that may detail upcoming Street Fighter V arcade mode layout

By on September 28, 2017 at 7:37 pm

Does this video describe an upcoming match layout format to be used for a Street Fighter V arcade mode?

Well-known dataminer X-Kira recently uploaded a “mysterious video” that appears to describe the layout planned for an arcade mode in Street Fighter V. The layout — if true — shows an arrangement that includes the car crush and barrel minigames, and a hidden “true boss” that could be a super-powered version of Necalli, based on what little we see here.

X-Kira currently cites no specific source for the “leaked” video, but has been a reliable source of datamined information on SFV in the past. X-Kira promises further leak documentation “soon” in the video description.

Source: X-Kira

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