Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite roundup: Jedah gets tricky, Arthur & Haggar get ambiguous, and Morrigan climbs staircases

By on September 28, 2017 at 12:00 pm

We’re back with another tech roundup of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. While this one focuses on a few characters specifically, there is plenty of tech for everyone to devour. Perhaps you’ll have to face some of this in a tournament, and have to know exactly what your options are against it. Let’s begin.

First, we start with this amazing primer on Jedah, starting with bread and butter combos, including some that combine his synergy with Haggar and Nemesis:

With these combos, you’ll find that his Scythe Ball is his best combo ender. The reason why: it opens up mix-up potential. While this video primarily shows what he can do with Nemesis, Ultron, and Thanos, there’s sure to be more nasty setups with various members of the cast.

We also see some of what he can do with his various movement options, including his fly, as well as his specials and supers. Do note that his backdash is not an 8-way dash, so this does limit his movement options as opposed to some of the other cast.

Next, we see an odd couple in Arthur and Haggar. These two have some nasty mix-ups, as the next two videos show. Arthur allows Haggar to set up some very ambiguous mix-ups, including one where the same move will either catch someone in an air grab, cross up, fake cross-up, or stay in front.

He also has some mixups with his fire bottle, which causes a force block or a hit depending on what the opponent does, leading to some nasty setups with Haggar and various other cast members:

Here’s a nifty 6.1K solo combo from Haggar, which only expends one bar of meter.

While we’re on the subject of Haggar, he has a nasty light SPD. His range looks dangerously similar to Zangief’s post-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. What’s worse is that he can kara cancel into it, further extending its potential range.

Next up is Morrigan, who has some solid solo-combos, including this one with 6.6K damage off of one bar of meter.

The next one deals similar damage, and guarantees a corner carry. Throw in an active switch, and you have instant pressure on your opponent.

The above combos with Morrigan require you to staircase your combos. This tech may be daunting to newcomers, but this tutorial video from rooflemonger certainly helps break down the simplicity of staircasing for everyone. Do note that characters have to have both flight and an 8-way dash — or in Morrigan’s case, an air dash that moves her upward. Thor, however, cannot take advantage of this due to his slow dash and normals.

That’s it for today! Go practice!

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