Become an undersea threat in Injustice 2 with PND|Ketchup’s “Getting Started” guide to Black Manta

By on September 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm

With the first DLC character of Fighter Pack 2 — Black Manta — releasing earlier this month, PND|Ketchup has put together a “Getting Started” guide to Injustice 2‘s latest villain.

After going over the properties of some of his more notable strings, Ketchup moves on to Manta’s specials. His Manta Ray becomes a safe full-screen beam when meter-burned, that also provides Manta with massive chip damage opportunities. The regular version is also +2 on hit, making it a fine mid-range poking tool. Shark Attack is a lunging charge attack — similar to Sektor’s Cyber Charge in Mortal Kombat XL — though it can also be done on the ground, and serves as Manta’s wake-up attack. Torpedo Cannon serves as both a combo extension and short-range zoning tool, with limited tracking capabilities. Rising Tide is a teleport punch, also similar to Sektor’s, allowing him another way to extend juggles along with having a way around those pesky zoners. Lastly, his Harpoon allows Manta to reposition his prey, since it can be used on both the ground and in the air, allowing him to reel in enemies that prefer to fight at long-range, and can also be meter-burned for additional damage.

Manta’s Trait is the ability to float with his suit’s jetpack, giving him aerial pressure comparable to Zatanna in Injustice: Gods Among Us or Imposter Shinnok in MKXL. Manta can also utilize float cancel pressure with the stance change button. However, these techniques require a good amount of execution, something generally downplayed in NetherRealm Studios titles, so spend some time in the lab tuning up your suit. You can catch the full video, with even more tips from Ketchup, below.

Source: PNDK&M

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