Just Frame speaks on the importance of the story in a fighting game

By on September 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm
kazumi srk

Before any of us fighting gamers were concerned about frame data, match-ups, or which characters were high-tier, there’s a good chance that the story behind a fighting game and its characters is what sparked our love of the genre. For this reason, it’s no wonder that many fighting game franchises feature a continuing story complete with intricate character details, updated with each installment and spanning back to every game’s first release.

Just Frame¬†talks about the importance of the story in a fighting game, in his latest Tekken-related video. Like many members of the FGC, he understands that many players come for the high-level gameplay a title offers¬†— but they stay for characters that have earned a special place in their hearts over the years. Expressing what can be described as tough love, he speaks on his disappointment in Tekken 7‘s story mode and why it matters to him, even though he continues to play it competitively.

While you may not agree with his opinions on Tekken 7 specifically, check out Just Frame’s thoughts on the significance of the fighter’s story below, and see if it resonates with you.

Source: Just Frame