Fuudo and Nemo showcase ARIKA’s new fighter in this exhibition from Tokyo Game Show

By on September 26, 2017 at 11:00 am

ARIKA’s as-of-yet unnamed new Street Fighter EX-based fighter was one of many games featured at the 2017 Tokyo Game Show. At the show, alongside a new trailer showcasing Allen Snyder and a tease for Doctrine Dark, they also hosted a “Pro vs. Pro” exhibition featuring GRAPHT’s Fuudo and Alienware’s Nemo.

The exhibition showed both players trying out a number of characters — Fuudo played some Allen, Darun, and Skullomania, while Nemo played Kairi, Garuda, Hokuto, and also Skullomania. Overall, the exhibition gave a good indication of how the new title might end up playing in the hands of veteran competitors.

For those who missed the exhibition, KarinUSF4 has uploaded recordings of their matches onto their YouTube channel. You can check these out below:

Source: KarinUSF4

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