Claim the Soul Stone by signing up for Milan Games Week’s Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite tournament

By on September 26, 2017 at 9:00 am
Milan Games Week MvCI

The Battle for the Stones is now underway, following Splyce|Filipino Champ’s victory at SoCal Regionals over the weekend. As FChamp has technically already qualified for the final Battle for the Stones bracket, his spot and Space Stone will instead go to the fantastically named Professor Coxwette, the runner-up from SCR 2017. I can’t wait for some poor Disney executives to read his tag.

For those who aren’t aware, each Infinity Stone has a usage outside of the game, allowing players to bend the rules for their benefit. In the first Stone reveal, the Space Stone will grant the user the power to swap positions with another player in the bracket of equal placing. So if your round one match is looking a little dicey, simply pop the Space Stone and change your opponent!

The next Infinity Stone tournament will be this weekend at Milan Games Week, with the Soul Stone being up for grabs. With Milan Games Week also being the Regional Finals for the European leg of the Capcom Pro Tour, expect stiff competition from Europe’s Marvel collective. Sign-ups are currently available over on Challonge, so get going if you want a chance at winning a trip to California to compete in the Battle for the Stones.

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