Capcom Fighters talks to Problem X about his CPT win streak, going pro, and succeeding with Bison

By on September 26, 2017 at 3:30 pm
SFV Bison dictator 30th costume crop

Europe’s last Premier event before its Regional Finals — EGX 2017 — saw Mousesports’ Problem X defending the house from both continental and global threats. Capcom’s Matt Edwards was able to catch up with arguably world’s best Bison both before and after his third consecutive CPT win, to talk all things Street Fighter V.

Problem X recently quit his day job to pursue Street Fighter full-time, and that extra practice looks to be paying off. It certainly needed when you play a character like Bison, who requires considerable “mental strength” to play properly, according to Problem X. He is determined to rock out with solo Bison going forward, hoping that continued exposure to bad match-ups will cause him to improve. Cammy is the only character that he would consider swapping off Bison for, but that’s a last resort.

As for what he wants for Bison in a potential third season of Street Fighter V, Problem X would like to see Psycho Crusher return as a special move — only accessible when the dictator is in V-Trigger.

Problem X is guaranteed a spot in Capcom Cup 2017 after his EGX win, and he is currently ranked eighth with 1132 points. With Milan Games Week this weekend, he has the potential to gain even better seeding within the final 32-player bracket.

Source: Capcom Fighters

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