Slash into Pokkén Tournament DX with Swillo’s Scizor combo video

By on September 25, 2017 at 10:00 am

The newly released Pokkén Tournament DX brought five new characters to consoles, among them the steel/bug-type Pokémon Scizor. Anyone that happened to just catch SCR 2017 this weekend may have seen sponsored Pokkén Pro Labib “Slippingbug” Haq rocking Scizor in top 4, in fact.

Based on his performance, it’s easy to say that Scizor is a pretty good pick right now for tournaments. He’s new, unfamiliar, and as Swillo & BimmyQuestion demonstrate in their latest combo video, pumps out a ton of damage. Once he equips his power-up Swords Dance, he can even further extend his damage output and versatility. Being able to convert into 200+ damage from anywhere on the field in Pokkén is absolutely no joke, no matter where the meta goes.

Source: Swillo & BimmyQuestion

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