Sector-K Games shows off latest developments, combos, and resets of Punch Planet

By on September 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm
punch planet characters

It was last at Evo 2017 that we had a major announcement from Sector-K Games on their sci-fi indie fighter Punch Planet. In the interim, the development team has been quietly toiling away at their engine, improving game speed and polishing up animations.

They’ve recently released a in-development teaser for the game, showing the announced cast’s combos and mixup potential. Based on this footage, we can see that the game seems to be moving in a more reset-heavy direction. If you love or hate this design decision, you can let Sector-K Games know directly: they stream development of the game live on their Twitch channel, and are always looking for player feedback.

Punch Planet is in development for Steam by Sector-K Games, and you can find more information about the battle system and story on their official website.


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