Jonyfraze reviews the Marvelous Customs Average Joe DIY arcade stick case

By on September 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm

While customizable arcade stick options have been available for a long time in the form of custom builders, ready-made DIY stick cases have become increasingly prevalent on the market, as of late. We recently showcased the FightstickAsia EXC Samurai case review that Jonyfraze had put together, which is currently on offer at Paradise Arcade Shop. Another option has entered the ring — as he now has put up a review for Marvelous Customs’ Average Joe DIY stick.

While you can purchase the stick fully assembled and populated with parts in their CEO product, going the DIY route allows you to mix and match your parts to your preference. In this video, Jonyfraze goes over the features of this acrylic case and how to assemble it. He also notes that despite being acrylic, the case has a good amount of weight to it, allow it to sit firmly in your lap.

Source: Jon Bonilla

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