SoCal Regionals 2017 results

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While EGX 2017 is going down in the UK, another Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event will be happening in Anaheim, California. SoCal Regional 2017 is not only a part of the Capcom circuit, but is also a Tekken World Tour Master Event, sporting a $10,000 prize bonus. On top of that SCR will be the first major tournament to feature the newly released Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and is a Battle for the Stones event, with the Space Stone up for grabs. Whether you’re attending in person or watching from home, don’t miss out on this one!

Tournament Games
  • BlazBlue Central Fiction ($500 bonus from Aksys Games)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 ($1000 bonus from Aksys Games)
  • Injustice 2 ($10,000 bonus from Warner Bros./NetherRealm)
  • Killer Instinct
  • The King of Fighters XIV
  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
  • Pokkén Tournament DX
  • Street Fighter V (Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event, $15,000 bonus from Capcom)
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Tekken 7 (Tekken World Tour Master Event, $10,000 bonus from Bandai Namco)
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] ($1000 bonus from Aksys Games)

SCR will not only have some of the best players from the US, including Justin Wong, Punk, NYChrisG, K-Brad, RayRay, LPN, Dragon and Theo, but also a number of international names as well, like Momochi, Haitani, Yukadon of Japan; JDCR, SAINT, Verloren and Save of South Korea; MenaRD and Caba of the Dominican Republic; A F0xy Grampa of the UK; and more. Get a full list of players and brackets on

Several streamers will be bringing you the fight from Anaheim. Level|Up Series will be providing two of its own, while Capcom (SFV and MVCI), Bandai Namco, and NetherRealm be providing dedicated broadcasts for their respective games. Finally, EnnyMura will be streaming the Pokkén tourney.


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Street Fighter V

1. YOUDEAL|Yukadon (Ibuki)
2. Devil.R|NL (Cammy)
3. SonicBoxx|JB (Rashid)
4. RISE|MenaRD (Birdie)
5. GFuel|Verloren (Cammy)
5. RISE|Smug (Balrog)
7. CKD|JaviRog (Balrog)
7. Commander Jesse (Dhalsim)

9. XsK_Samurai (Akuma)
9. FOX|JWong (Karin)
9. 801 Strider (Laura)
9. Save (Dhalsim)
13. Tempo|Alex Myers (Cammy)
13. FOX|Momochi (Ken, Akuma)
13. ChrisCCH (Guile)
13. CYG.BST|PR Balrog (Balrog)

17. PG|Punk
17. NS|Ludovic
17. WBG|CJ Truth
17. GAM|Caba
17. EG|K-Brad
17. Splyce|Fchamp
25. Brian_F
25. ChrisTatarian
25. Ultima
25. NickTanella
25. sawasama
25. Stupendous
25. MJ|Gama
25. GeneralAzad

Match Log
Grand Finals

YOUDEAL|Yukadon (Ibuki) vs. Devil.R|NL (Cammy) – 3-1

Losers Finals

SonicBoxx|JB (Rashid) vs. Devil.R|NL (Cammy) – 1-3

Winners Finals

SonicBoxx|JB (Rashid) vs. YOUDEAL|Yukadon (Ibuki) – 1-3

Losers Semi-finals

RISE|MenaRD (Birdie) vs. Devil.R|NL (Cammy) – 2-3

Top 8 Winners

RISE|Smug (Balrog) vs. SonicBoxx|JB (Rashid) – 1-3
YOUDEAL|Yukadon (Ibuki) vs. GFuel|Verloren (Cammy) – 3-1

Top 8 Losers

RISE|MenaRD (Birdie) vs. CKD|JaviRog (Balrog) – 3-0
Devil.R|NL (Cammy) vs. Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) – 3-1

RISE|MenaRD (Birdie) vs. GFuel|Verloren (Cammy) – 3-2
RISE|Smug (Balrog) vs. Devil.R|NL (Cammy) – 2-3

Top 16 Winners

RISE|MenaRD (Birdie) vs. RISE|Smug (Balrog) – 0-2
YOUDEAL|Yukadon (Ibuki) vs. FOX|JWong (Karin) – 2-1
801 Strider (Laura) vs. GFuel|Verloren (Cammy) – 1-2
SonicBoxx|JB (Rashid) vs. Save (Dhalsim) – 2-0

Top 16 Losers

Tempo|Alex Myers vs. XsK_Samurai
Devil.R|NL vs. FOX|Momochi
Commander Jesse vs. ChrisCCH
CKD|JaviRog vs. CYG.BST|PR Balrog

RISE|MenaRD vs. XsK_Samurai
FOX|JWong (Karin) vs. Devil.R|NL (Cammy) – 0-2
801 Strider vs. Commander Jesse
Save (Dhalsim) vs. CKD|JaviRog (Balrog) – 1-2

Top 32 Winners

PG|Punk (Karin) vs. RISE|MenaRD (Birdie) – 1-2
XsK_Samurai (Akuma) vs. RISE|Smug (Balrog) – 1-2
YOUDEAL|Yukadon (Ibuki) vs. Devil.R|NL (Cammy) – 2-1
FOX|JWong (Karin) vs. FOX|Momochi (Ken, Akuma) – 2-0
801 Strider (Laura) vs. GAM|Caba (Guile) – 2-1
GFuel|Verloren (Cammy) vs. EG|K-Brad (Karin)  – 2-0
SonicBoxx|JB vs. CKD|JaviRog
Save vs. Splyce|Fchamp

Top 32 Losers

Tempo|Alex Myers vs. Brian_F
GRPT|HAITANI vs. ChrisTatarian
NS|Ludovic vs. Ultima
WBG|CJ Truth vs. NickTanella
Commander Jesse vs. sawasama
Stupendous vs. ChrisCCH
Entropy|DRDANNYPHAM vs. MJ|Gama
GeneralAzad vs. CYG.BST|PR Balrog

PG|Punk vs. Tempo|Alex Myers
XsK_Samurai vs. GRPT|HAITANI
Devil.R|NL vs. NS|Ludovic
FOX|Momochi vs. WBG|CJ Truth
GAM|Caba vs. Commander Jesse
EG|K-Brad vs. ChrisCCH
CKD|JaviRog vs. Entropy|DRDANNYPHAM
Splyce|Fchamp vs. CYG.BST|PR Balrog


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Battle for the Space Stone

As Fchamp is already qualified for the Battle for the Stones as an Evo champion, Sacktap claims the Space Stone and the qualifying spot.

1. Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron)
2. Sacktap (Reality-Nemesis/Haggar, Time-Arthur/Thanos)
3. Taekua (Reality-Ghost Rider/Nova)
4. Richard Nguyen (Soul-Dante/Dormammu)
5. PG|Coach Steve (Reality-Spencer/Nova)
5. Jibrill (Reality-Haggar/Thanos)
7. FORT|Cloud805 (Soul-Zero/Dante)
7. RISE|Marn (Power-Zero/Dante)

Match Log
Grand Final

Sacktap (Reality-Nemesis/Haggar) vs. Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron) – 0-3 Reset
Sacktap (Reality-Haggar/Nemesis, Time-Arthur/Thanos) vs. Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron) – 1-3

Losers Final

Taekua (Reality-Ghost Rider/Nova) vs. Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron) – 0-3

Winners Final

Sacktap (Reality-Nemesis/Haggar) vs. Taekua (Reality-Ghost Rider/Nova) – 3-2

Losers Semi-final

Richard Nguyen (Soul-Dante/Dormammu) vs. Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron) – 2-3

Top 8 Winners

Jibrill (Reality-Haggar/Thanos) vs. Sacktap (Reality-Nemesis/Haggar) – 2-3
PG|Coach Steve (Reality-Spencer/Nova) vs. Taekua (Reality-Ghost Rider/Nova) – 1-3

Top 8 Losers

FORT|Cloud805 (Soul-Zero/Dante) vs. Richard Nguyen (Soul-Dante/Dormammu) – 0-3
Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron) vs. RISE|Marn (Power-Zero/Dante) – 3-0

Richard Nguyen (Soul-Dante/Dormammu) vs. PG|Coach Steve (Reality-Spencer/Nova) – 3-0
Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron) vs. Jibrill (Reality-Haggar/Thanos) – 3-1


Clockw0rk (Soul-Strider Hiryu/Gamora) vs. Splyce|Fchamp (Reality-Ghost Rider/Captain Marvel) – 1-5 ●○●●●●

EG|NYChrisG (Power-Morrigan/Jedah) vs. FOX|JWong (Reality-Ultron/Nova) – 1-5 ○●●●●●


Tekken 7

1. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov, Heihachi)
2. FOX|SAINT (Jack-7, Eddy)
3. r/Kappa|JEOdding (Lucky Chloe)
4. NCSS|jimmyjtran (Bryan)
5. Rickstah (Akuma, Bob)
5. Circa|Joey Fury (Jack-7)
7. Xcel|Spero Gin (Paul, Eddy)
7. Binchang

Match Log
Grand Final

FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) vs. FOX|SAINT (Eddy, Jack-7) – 3-1 Reset
FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) vs. FOX|SAINT (Jack-7) – 3-0

Losers Final

FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) vs. r/Kappa|JEOdding (Lucky Chloe) – 3-2

Winners Final

FOX|JDCR (Heihachi, Dragunov) vs. FOX|SAINT (Jack-7) – 0-3

Losers Semi-final

r/Kappa|JEOdding (Lucky Chloe) vs. NCSS|jimmyjtran (Bryan) – 2-0

Top 8 Winners

Rickstah (Akuma) vs. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) – 0-2
r/Kappa|JEOndding (Lucky Chloe) vs. FOX|SAINT (Jack-7) – 1-2

Top 8 Losers

Circa|Joey Fury (Jack-7) vs. Xcel|Spero Gin (Paul, Eddy) – 2-0
Binchang vs. NCSS|jimmyjtran

Rickstah (Akuma, Bob) vs. NCSS|jimmjtran (Bryan) – 0-2
Circa|Joey Fury (Jack-7) vs. r/Kappa|JEOndding (Lucky Chloe) – 0-2


Injustice 2

1. FOX|Theo (Superman, Supergirl)
2. Noble|Dragon (Black Adam, Doctor Fate)
3. Rogue|Slayer (Black Adam, Catwoman, Supergirl, Superman)
4. Circa|Forever King (Batman, Deadshot)
5. PXP|A F0xy Grampa (Deadshot, Captain Cold)
5. ENX|Biohazard (Bane, Harley Quinn)
7. Flowchart (Red Hood, Robin)
7. PND|Madzin (Batman)

Match Log
Grand Final

FOX|Theo (Supergirl) vs. Noble|Dragon (Doctor Fate) – 3-1

Losers Final

Rogue|Slayer (Black Adam, Superman) vs. Noble|Dragon (Black Adam) – 0-3

Winners Final

Noble|Dragon (Doctor Fate) vs. FOX|Theo (Supergirl, Superman) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

Circa|Forever King (Batman) vs. Rogue|Slayer (Supergirl) – 1-3

Top 8 Winners

PXP|A F0xy Grampa (Deadshot) vs. Noble|Dragon (Black Adam) – 0-3
ENX|Biohazard (Bane) vs. FOX|Theo (Superman) – 1-3

Top 8 Losers

Flowchart (Red Hood, Robin) vs. Rogue|Slayer (Black Adam) – 1-3
Circa|Forever King (Batman) vs. PND|Madzin (Batman) – 3-2
PXP|A F0xy Grampa (Captain Cold) vs. Rogue|Slayer (Catwoman, Black Adam) – 1-3
Circa|Forever King (Batman, Deadshot) vs. ENX|Biohazard (Harley Quinn) – 3-2


BlazBlue Central Fiction

1. r/Kappa|ryusei (Carl)
2. Jona (Valkenhayn, Mai)
3. brkrdave (Arakune)
4. Nano (Izanami)
5. Method|Flux (ν-No.13-)
5. ZONG_one (Carl)
7. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Noel)
7. Neuf (Nine)

Match Log
Grand Final

Jona (Valkenhayn) vs. r/Kappa|ryusei (Carl) – 0-3

Losers Final

Jona (Valkenhayn) vs. brkrdave (Arakune) – 3-1

Winners Final

brkrdave (Arakune) vs. r/Kappa|ryusei (Carl) – 0-3

Losers Semi-final

Jona (Mai) vs. Nano (Izanami) – 2-0

Top 8 Winners

Nano (Izanami) vs. r/Kappa|ryusei (Carl) – 0-2
Jona (Valkenhayn) vs. brkrdave (Arakune) – 1-2

Top 8 Losers

Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Noel) vs. ZONG_one (Carl) – 1-2
Method|Flux (ν-No.13-) vs. Neuf (Nine) – 2-1

Jona (Valkenhayn) vs. Method|Flux (ν-No.13-) – 2-0
ZONG_one (Carl) vs. Nano (Izanami) – 1-2


Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]

1. brkrdave (Waldstein)
2. LPT (Byakuya)
3. ChrisL (Phonon)
4. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Seth)
5. Yuukiburry (Phonon)
5. KFL (Eltnum)
7. Jona (Enkidu)
7. Pikocat (Merkava)

Match Log
Grand Final

LPT (Byakuya) vs. brkrdave (Waldstein) – 0-3

Losers Final

LPT (Byakuya) vs. ChrisL (Phonon) – 3-2

Winners Final

ChrisL (Phonon) vs. brkrdave (Waldstein) – 0-3

Losers Semi-final

LPT (Byakuya) vs. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Seth) – 2-1

Top 8 Winners

KFL (Eltnum) vs. brkrdave (Waldstein) – 1-2
ChrisL (Phonon) vs. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Seth) – 2-1

Top 8 Losers

Yuukiburry (Phonon) vs. Jona (Enkidu) – 2-1
LPT (Byakuya) vs. Pikocat (Merkava) – 2-0

Yuukiburry (Phonon) vs. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Seth) – 0-2
KFL (Eltnum) vs. LPT (Byakuya) – 1-2


Pokkén Tournament DX

1. StDx|ALLISTER (Mewtwo, Suicune)
2. PG|Coach Steve (Weavile, Pikachu, Garchomp)
3. HZRDS|Twixxle (Chandelure)
4. SQ1|slippingbug (Scizor, Pikachu Libre)
5. UDL (Weavile)
5. INSO|NG-Obscure (Mewtwo)
7. Mustafa (Garchomp)
7. Bolimar (Decidueye)

Match Log
Grand Final

StDx|ALLISTER (Mewtwo) vs. PG|Coach Steve (Weavile, Pikachu) – 3-0

Losers Final

HZRDS|Twixxle (Chandelure) vs. PG|Coach Steve (Garchomp) – 0-3

Winners Final

HZRDS|Twixxie (Chandelure) vs. StDx|ALLISTER (Suicune, Mewtwo) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

SQ1|slippingbhug (Scizor) vs. PG|Coach Steve (Weavile) – 1-2

Top 8 Winners

StDx|ALLISTER (Suicune) vs. INSO|NG-Obscure (Mewtwo) – 2-1
HZRDS|Twixxie (Chandelure) vs. PG|Coach Steve (Weavile, Garchomp) – 2-0

Top 8 Losers

UDL (Weavile) vs. Mustafa (Garchomp) – 2-0
SQ1|slippingbug (Scizor) vs. Bolimar (Decidueye) – 2-0

UDL (Weavile) vs. PG|Coach Steve (Pikachu) – 0-2
SQ1|slippingbug (Scizor, Pikachu Libre) vs. INSO|NG-Obscure (Mewtwo) – 2-1


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

1. ITS|Beautifuldude (Zato-1)
2. 8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal)
3. Dead Spike (Ky Kiske)
4. Hursh (Venom)
5. 8BR|Viceroy (Axl Low)
5. Toki (Axl Low)
7. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Jack-O’)
7. Viro (Slayer)

Match Log
Grand Final

8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal) vs. ITS|Beautifuldude (Zato-1) – 3-2 Reset
8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal) vs. ITS|Beautifuldude (Zato-1) – 0-3

Losers Final

8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal) vs. Dead Spike (Ky Kiske) – 3-0

Winners Final

ITS|Beautifuldude (Zato-1) vs. Dead Spike (Ky Kiske) – 3-2

Losers Semi-final

8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal) vs. Hursh (Venom) – 2-0

Top 8 Winners

Dead Spike (Ky Kiske) vs. Hursh (Venom) – 2-0
ITS|Beautifuldude (Zato-1) vs. Toki (Axl Low) – 2-0

Top 8 Losers

8BR|Viceroy (Axl Low) vs. Shtkn|BurgerMcNasty (Jack-O’) – 2-0
8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal) vs. Viro (Slayer) – 2-1

8BR|Viceroy (Axl Low) vs. Hursh (Venom) – 1-2
Toki (Axl Low) vs. 8BR|Ultratoast (Ramlethal) – 1-2


Super Street Fighter II Turbo

1. TOMO (Ryu)
2. Afro Legends (Dee Jay, Balrog)
3. ultracombo (O-Sagat, Vega, O-Ken)
4. eltrouble (Dhalsim)
5. Silentscope (Cammy)
5. Mr. igloo (Balrog)
7. STR|kuroppi (O-E.Honda)
7. Killer Miller (E.Honda)

Match Log
Grand Final

TOMO (Ryu) vs. Afro Legends (Balrog) – 3-2

Losers Final

ultracombo (O-Ken, O-Sagat) vs. Afro Legends (Dee Jay) – 1-3

Winners Final

Afro Legends (Balrog) vs. TOMO (Ryu) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

ultracombo (Vega) vs. eltrouble (Dhalsim) – 3-0

Top 8 Winners

ultracombo (O-Sagat) vs. Afro Legends (Dee Jay) – 0-3
eltrouble (Dhalsim) vs. TOMO (Ryu) – 1-3

Top 8 Losers

Silentscope (Cammy) vs. STR|kuroppi (O-E.Honda) – 3-1
Mr. igloo (Balrog) vs. Killer Miller (E.Honda) – 3-1

Silentscope (Cammy) vs. eltrouble (Dhalsim) – 1-3
ultracombo (O-Sagat) vs. Mr. igloo (Balrog) – 3-0


Killer Instinct

1. Circa|Nicky (Fulgore, Mira)
2. PSGLV.EMPR|Menzo (Rash)
3. Daa Chronicle (Shadow Jago, Gargos, Aria, Jago)
4. BxA|Jackal (Gargos, Eyedol)

Match Log
Grand Final

Circa|Nicky (Mira) vs. PSGLV.EMPR|Menzo (Rash) – 3-2

Losers Final

Daa Chronicle (Shadow Jago) vs. PSGLV.EMPR|Menzo (Rash) – 2-3

Winners Final

Circa|Nicky (Fulgore) vs. PSGLV.EMPR|Menzo (Rash) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

Daa Chronicle (Shadow Jago) vs. BxA|Jackal (Gargos) – 1-3


The King of Fighters XIV

1. Blacky (Kula/King/Kim)
2. Lightning (Robert/Benimaru/Iori, Kyo/Benimaru/Iori)
3. ottomatic (Love/Sylvie/Bandeiras, King/Sylvie/Bandeiras)
4. N4Us (Terry/Leona/Clark, Billy/Leona/Clark)

Match Log
Grand Final

Lightning (Kyo/Benimaru/Iori, Iori/Robert/Benimaru) vs. Blacky (Kula/King/Kim) – 2-3

Losers Final

Lightning (Robert/Iori/Benimaru) vs. ottomatic (Love/Sylvie/Bandeiras, King/Sylvie/Bandeiras) – 3-0

Winners Final

ottomatic (Love/Sylvie/Bandeiras, King/Sylvie/Bandeiras) vs. Blacky (Kula/King/Kim) – 0-3

Losers Semi-final

Lightning (Robert/Benimaru/Iori) vs. N4Us (Terry/Leona/Clark, Billy/Leona/Clark) – 2-0

Sources: SoCal Regionals, Capcom Pro Tour