Oki concepts, team combos and one touch kills: it’s time for your weekend Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite round-up

By on September 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Dante MvCI

It’s the first weekend of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and the tech train shows no signs of stopping. With players starting to discover one touch kills and potential counters to prevalent tactics, we’re beginning to get into the real meat of MvC:I. This weekend round-up has a pretty broad selection of tech, so let’s get started:

First off, xero18 outlines the changes that have been made to Spider-Man’s Ultimate Web Throw, compared to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

If you’re running a Spider-Man/Iron Man team, ecksyz has got some interesting oki concepts to keep your opponent locked in the corner.

It’s only five days since launch and I think everyone is already sick of Dormammu’s Thorn carpet. TDG Oso has been in the lab and has discovered a few ways to escape from Dormmamu’s clutches.

If you’re new to Marvel, rooflemonger has made a thorough guide which covers several vital concepts which weren’t covered in the tutorial.

For those looking to run Dante and Jedah, sitvergold has compiled a decent number of combos for this demonic team.

Want to play Dante but can’t quite get to grips with him? Erased Citizens has a fantastic beginner’s guide for those wishing to learn the charismatic demon hunter.

Straight from Clockw0rk’s stream, he shows how Ghost Rider’s bike super can get him caught in a spot of bother.

I Really Dunno has found a touch of death combo with Team Street Fighter that kills every character in the game. The execution looks really tight and it requires Ryu to be at 25% health, but it sure looks cool.

And to finish off this round-up, combo wizard desk has set his sights on newcomer Captain Marvel for his latest showcase.

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