Yamcha and Tien join the fight in these new Dragon FighterZ trailers from Tokyo Games Show

By on September 23, 2017 at 9:00 am

As part of the special Dragon Ball FighterZ presentation at Tokyo Games Show, we finally got a glimpse of Yamcha and Tien in action via two short trailers. Joining Krillin as the human representatives on the DBFZ roster, these veteran Z-Fighters look like they can hold their own against Saiyans, galactic emperors and bio-mechanical cicada monsters.

Yamcha looks to be the first real rushdown character in DBFZ, using variations of Wolf Fang Fist to overwhelm his opponent. His Spirit Ball is his Level 1 Super, with Yamcha directly controlling the energy sphere to bludgeon his foe. The Blinding Wolf Fang Fist is his Level 3 Super and looks to be a decent corner carry.

As for Tien, he doesn’t fight alone. Similar to Android 18 calling upon her brother, Tien summons his life-long friend Chiaotzu for many of his attacks. Chiaotzu can use his telekinetic powers to briefly stun opponents, allowing Tien to start a combo or escape from a tricky situation. Along with techniques like the Machine Gun Punch and Volleyball Attack, Tien’s Supers having him using his trademark Kikoho. His Level 1 Super is the normal Kikoho, while his Level 3 is the devastating Shin Kikoho. Tien can use the Shin Kikoho multiple times in a row, but it drains his health on repeat uses — like it does in the anime.

If you want to watch the whole Dragon Ball FighterZ presentation, you can check out the VOD below. Along with the trailers for Tien and Yamcha, there is a brief snippet from DBFZ’s Story Mode, showing a cutscene of Android 21 talking to Krillin and Goku.

Sources: 876TV via Izuniy

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