Weapons authorized: Goomy pushes Samus to the limit in this Super Smash Bros. Melee combo video

By on September 23, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Samus Melee Intro

Famous for his mastery of the incredibly difficult to perform aerial super wavedash, the hyper-technical Samus main Goomy has brought out a brand new Melee combo video. From aerial super wavedashes, uses of Samus’ extended grapple beam and some insane off-stage sequences, Goomy make Samus look nigh-on unstoppable.

At one point, Goomy is able to super wavedash to one side of Fountain of Dreams, forward tilt his opponent into a bomb on the other side of the stage and then finish them off with a Charge Shot. The sheer skill to pull off that sequence would make you think Samus herself was behind the controls. He then manages to use Samus’ grapple to phase through Pokemon Stadium and kill someone by coming up through the bottom of the stage.

Goomy is set to be at GT-X next weekend, so let’s hope he can show off his awe-inspiring Samus on stream.

Source: Goomy Smash

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