FV Cup 2017 results

By on September 23, 2017 at 4:37 am

This weekend the Malaysia Fighting Games Community is putting on its yearly FV Cup. A part of the Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour, the event also features The King of Fighters XIV, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Tekken 7.

Some powerful street fighters will be in attendance, including INFILTRATION, Humanbomb, Oil King, Tse4444, Tachikawa, Daikoku_GO, Hotdog29, MindRPG, Chuan, Denesis and more.

Watch the event live on BEast of the East’s Twitch channel.

Watch live video from beastapac on www.twitch.tv



Street Fighter V

1. ZOWIE|Oil King (Rashid)
2. Tse4444 (Balrog)
3. Humanbomb (Chun-Li)
4. DNG|Tachikawa (Ibuki, Dhalsim)
5. YBK|Daikoku_GO (Birdie)
5. Talon|Hotdog29 (M. Bison)
7. SZ.HORI|sako (Akuma)
7. Saisak (Karin)’

9. VS.AMG.FV|Book
9. VS.AMG.FV|Chuan
9. tomo
13. VS.AMG.FV|Battousai
13. Talon|Saunic
13. Talon|Denesis
13. Ash

Match Log


Tekken 7

1. VS.AMG.FV|Meat (Jack-7)
2. VS.AMG.FV|Book (Jin)
3. VS.AMG.FV|Arenz (Kazumi)
4. VS.AMG.FV|VF (Claudio)

Match Log


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

1. VS.AMG.FV|Trixie (Reality-Dormammu/Jedah)
2. Fubarduck (Reality-Ultron/Thanos
3. GRPT|gllty (Time-Morrigan/Dormammu)
4. Mitsu (Reality-Ultron/Gamora)

Match Log

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