Hitbox mysteries revealed: Check out these slow-motion hitbox videos for Street Fighter V’s Abigail & Menat

By on September 21, 2017 at 5:00 pm
sfv menat battle costume opening

A closer look at how the hitboxes of Street Fighter V‘s latest newcomers work.

Knowing the active range of your moves is vital in any fighting game! While this can be determined through practice and experience, it certainly helps to be able to see exactly where your character’s hitboxes — and hurtboxes — are during your attacks. That’s where these Street Fighter V video aids come in!

alb3530 has prepared these slow-motion visual guides for the hitbox data of SFV’s newest additions, Abigail and Menat. Perhaps even more interesting to see here is how the hurtbox data is unusual at times for both fighters; Abigail’s apparent height is misleading, and we have a visual reminder here of the fact that Menat’s crystal orb has no hurtbox, making it more like a projectile than Dhalsim’s comparable limbs. Check out both videos below.

Source: alb3530

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