ESPN polls Street Fighter V pros on who they think is the world’s best player

By on September 21, 2017 at 10:00 am
sfv karin victory

During Brooklyn Beatdown Round 2 last weekend, ESPN Esports was on hand to chat to many of the top players attending this high-stakes tournament. With several pros jockeying for the top spot, they asked all their interviewees the same question — who is the best Street Fighter V player at the moment?

Based on the feature image above, you can hazard a guess as to who many players think is the best. Despite him coming second at Evo and not being able to conquer the Raging Demon Tokido, the majority of players said that Punk was the current best in the world. According to Daigo Umehara, Punk’s performances are just on “another level” compared to everyone else.

With his Karin busting everyone up, many of the players that ESPN talked to said that they were picking up a grappler just to deal with Karin. NuckleDu is working on his Birdie, Alucard was planning to counterpick Abigail, while Justin Wong noted that one of Punk’s bad habits is that he takes too many grabs. The overwhelming consensus is that grapplers may be the silver bullet to put down Punk. Even then, Smug noted that while he can beat Punk’s Karin with Balrog, he’ll just “switch to another character” to find a solution.

While Punk was the main person that people pointed to as the best, Tokido was in close second. With Capcom Cup 2017 fast approaching, we’ll soon have the answer.

Source: ESPN Esports

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