ARIKA are holding a “Pro vs. Pro” exhibition at Tokyo Games Show for their mystery fighting game

By on September 21, 2017 at 9:00 am
ARIKA TGS exhibition

Following up from their new trailer earlier this week, ARIKA have announced that they will be commandeering the Twitch stage at Tokyo Games Show to hold a special exhibition for their mysterious fighting game. As a special treat for those interested in this project, ARIKA will be pitting AW|Nemo against GRAPHT|Fuudo in a high-stakes exhibition.

Along with Nemo and Fuudo, ARIKA founder and legendary game director Akira Nishitani will feature as a special guest. According to ARIKA’s Facebook page, this whole exhibition is to show off the Gougi system and how “dangerous” it can be when two pros are going at it.

The exhibition will begin tonight at 9:30pm PT, with it being streamed on Twitch’s main channel, alongside Twitch Japan and BeasTV. Expect plenty of gameplay of new character Allen Snider, along with a better look at other characters like Darun Mister and Skullomania.

Source: ARIKA EX

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