Tekken 7’s arcade rebalance “Version N” hits consoles and Steam in the form of Version 1.07, available now

By on September 20, 2017 at 11:03 pm

It was only last week that Tekken 7‘s arcade version received the new balance patch for “Version N”. The patch dropped suddenly and without any note as to when it would reach consoles: which, it turns out, is exactly how the console patch based on it, Version 1.07, was dropped today!


Even though the official Tekken website hasn’t updated at the time of this writing, you can turn on your PS4 or Steam right now and get the latest version. In addition to the balance changes (rejoice, non-fans of Xiaoyu’s previously safe Art of Phoneix sweep!), there’s a number of new character portraits for several members of the cast (though the art is still locked at this time; expect it to unlock soon).

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