ApocyphicV breaks down Claudio’s best, and worst, moves in Tekken 7

By on September 19, 2017 at 5:00 pm

In Tekken 7, the casual observer might be lead to believe that a list of Claudio’s best 15 moves would just include his hopkick copy-pasted 15 times over. This is because there’s been something of an over-estimation of how good this meme-ified launcher actually is: it crushes highs at the beginning, lows at the end, and has fantastic range. But like all hopkicks, it lacks safety, and even lacks step coverage to one side.

Now that the game has settled and players are punishing hopkicks more consistently, Claudio players have had to learn to calm their hopkick trigger finger a bit. This is where ApocryphicV‘s “Claudio Clinic” comes in. Here, he breaks down and explains critical tools for Claudio, and weak moves to avoid using. Any Claudio player looking to move beyond day-one hopkick strategies should find something useful here in this list.

Source: ApocryphicV

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