NorCal Rivals Street Fighter V Rounds 5 & 6 recap, results, and replays

By on September 18, 2017 at 12:00 pm
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The fifth and sixth rounds of NorCal Rivals in the fall season of Red Bull Proving Grounds took place at the beginning of August and September. Players from all over northern California gathered to compete in Street Fighter V to earn points to qualify for the region’s 3v3 team to compete at the Red Bull Proving Grounds Championship match. Whichever team wins the 3v3 tournament at the event means they and the rest of the region’s top eight players on the leaderboard will be flown out to Red Bull Battle Grounds in Boston, Massachusetts in November, to compete for the last spot to qualify for Capcom Cup 2017 in December.

The usual notable suspects such as Rommel “ROM” Macatangay, Pavo “Pavocado” Miskic, German “Ultima” Marroquin, Clean Kill’s Ted “No Respect” Sarmiento, and pH|James “Jame” Szeto were in attendance along with bigger names such as Circa’s Long “LPN” Nguyen, Miky “XSK_Samurai” Chea, and Cygames Beast’s Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez. Needless to say, the competition was fiercer than ever in the land of northern California this time, as everyone was hungry for those precious Red Bull points.

Below are the results and replays from the two most recent NorCal Rivals events, filled with exciting matches between some of the Bay Area’s best players and some surprising upsets. With one more event left in the fall season, you can bet it’ll only get more intense come October.

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NorCal Rivals Round 5 -SFV- Results (39 entrants)

1st: XSK_Samurai (Akuma)
2nd: CYG BST|PR Balrog (Balrog)
3rd: ROM (Vega)
4th: Pavocado (R. Mika)
5th: Higashi (R. Mika)
5th: Kimo (Abigail)
7th: LN|THE_DTRAN (Birdie)
7th: Beesu (Karin, Ed)

9th: Circa|LPN (Abigail)
9th: pH|Crackfiend (Ed)
9th: Ghodere (Zangief, Kolin)
9th: Brass (Guile)
13th: Ultima (Rashid)
13th: TAUNT (Chun-Li, Dhalsim)
13th: YJK (Karin)
13th: Stopsign (Cammy)

NorCal Rivals Round 6 -SFV- Results (30 entrants)

1st: ROM (Vega)
2nd: pH|Jame (Akuma)
3rd: CKlNo Respect (Urien)
4th: Higashi (R. Mika)
5th: LN|THE_DTRAN (Birdie)
5th: Ultima (Rashid)
7th: TigerShaan (Akuma)
7th: YJK (Karin)

9th: Pavocado (R. Mika)
9th: DM|Sal Pacino (R. Mika)
9th: DM|John B. (Ibuki)
9th: Rotten Seagull (F.A.N.G)
13th: Kimo (Abigail)
13th: GoE|Chaos Pro (???)
13th: Brass (Guile)
13th: SRK|El Cubano Loco (Vega)

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