Double demonstrates absurd chip damage concepts with Pokkén Tournament’s Quagsire assist

By on September 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm

In Pokkén Tournament, your choice of support pokémon will often go a long way in determining how you play a match. For this reason alone, the Quagsire support hasn’t seen much use in tournament play: though it does massive chip damage, its slow startup and ability to be jumped out of has made it too inconsistent for most players to commit to.

Pokkén pro Double, however, has revisited this neglected support by crafting some sick setups with one of Pokkén’s main zoners, Gardevoir. The synergy these two Pokémon have makes sense: the lingering lockdown of Gardevoir’s many projectiles lock the enemy in place for Quarsire’s high chip damage.

Source: Double_FGC

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