Tension Pulse Pre-CEOtaku Special: eight Daredevils enter the fray

By on September 17, 2017 at 10:00 am

It’s time for the next episode of the Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 exhibition series, Tension Pulse! We’re looking at a special show this time, as it’s the Pre-CEOtaku Special. Unlike usual, when we have four players battling each other, we’re going to have eight!

  • Boomcube (Slayer) vs. XAQshinor (Dizzy)
  • BxA|dotNova (Jack-O’) vs. Mr. Dolphin (May)
  • 1UP|PepperySplash (Johnny) vs. Kami (Zato=1)
  • TheArm.exe (Ramlethal) vs. zenzen (Ky)

That’s a lot of matches! Boomcube against XAQshinor will be first. Let’s hear from some of the players to see what they have to say about their opponents and how confident they feel in the match-up. Some of them are returning players, so it’s interesting to see how they have changed since participating in the exhibition since last time.



On the match: “After watching Xaq’s footage and taking a full inventory of my own knowledge of the match-up, I feel like my only real path to victory is to abuse Slayer’s inherent buffoonery and whisper mispronunciations of Xaq’s handle into the mic. I am definitely nervous, and trying to prepare as much as I can. I think, at the very least, I’ll be able to put on a good show and exorcise some stream nerves at the same time.”

On his opponent: “I know he’s surrounded by an extremely active Gear scene, including some strong Slayers, and he has tournament results that prove he’s very solid. I have an assumption about how he’s going to play the match-up, and if I’m right, it’s going to be incredibly important that I don’t tilt.”

On his own play-style: “I like making bigger reads early on in a set using backdash cancel, instant air-dash, and forward dash pressure to gain early momentum. I feel like this can disrupt the opponent’s gameplan and force them into situations that reveal how they react to Slayer in general and will allow me more time to adjust as needed. I’m also perfectly content with making people deal with Slayer’s nonsense (dash through cross-up, Helter Skelter, IAD resets, BDC jump) until they prove they have an answer for it.

Or, more succinctly, trash.”



On the match: “This should be an entertaining set. Slayer is a very volatile character and can end rounds in a heartbeat with one clean hit. At the same time, Dizzy has the lowest stun so the threat is amplified, I’m definitely going to try to keep those explosive situations to a minimum during our games. Slayer also has backdash cancel so it can be tough for you to pin him down sometimes. Dizzy has an easier time of this than other characters though so hopefully I can showcase this a bit. More likely than not, this set will be decided by the neutral.”

On his opponent: “I’ve played Boomcube online before so I know firsthand how deadly his Slayer can be. He’s a strong player and shouldn’t be taken likely. I expect him to surprise people with his strength. He’s definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.”

On his growth since the last exhibition: “Since the last time I was featured in this steam league, Dizzy got some buffs. Some changes dealt with some important flaws with her design and allow her to play a lot more open-ended than before. She’s not as telegraphed, and she also received help with some of her conversions. I feel that many people don’t give her enough credit and I’m hoping that I can show some of what she is capable of this time around.”



As a competitive player, what kind of value do you get from an exhibition like this?: “Being able to play people in a competitive setting is super valuable. Being broadcasted or having something on the line really brings the tension and adrenaline one would feel at any tournament. It’s hard to replicate those kinds of conditions on normal netplay when you’re winding down from work or just casually relaxing. The experience is always appreciated.”

On his opponent: “I’ve heard good things about Mr.Dolphin. I’ve only very briefly played him a few months back, so it’ll be good to have an opportunity to play him in an extended set. He’s a programmer like me so he also understands pain and suffering. I look forward to the May experience as the only consistent experience I really get is against TectalEastside. Playing against another play-style will definitely help me recognize weaknesses in my play.”

On his growth since the last time: “Since my last exhibition, I feel my situational awareness has improved and I’ve developed a lot more Burst-safe routes. I’ve definitely become more comfortable with extending pressure and combos with servants and recognizing unique situations that happen due to the character’s nature. Recently, I haven’t been focusing on FGs at all, but I’m sure this match and CEOtaku will help bring my focus back.”

Mr. Dolphin


On the match: “I think the Tension Pulse series is a really cool idea, you get to see some players you probably wouldn’t have heard of/watched before and it’s something fun to watch on the weekends.”
On his opponent: “I think dotNova is strong, I was a pretty big fan in his Potemkin days, we’ve played before and I enjoyed our matches. A lot of folks hate Jack-O’, but I actually really enjoy that match-up, the interactions with the houses and stuff add a fun sort of mini-game aspect to it where I gotta kill them or her. I’m definitely looking forward to playing against him.”
On his growth since the last time: “I’m not sure if I can tell how much I’ve grown since my last exhibition to be honest, I think my play-style has sort of stayed the same. I just kind of go with the flow.”

Catch the next episode of Tension Pulse live on Silva_hime’s Twitch channel on Sunday, September 17th. It’s more sets than usual, and we’re starting at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT/6:00 PM PT. HellaBrett and drunkthechicken are going to commentate this extended episode.

Looking to catch up on the last episode of Tension Pulse? Catch up on that below.

Source: interviews; Silva

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