Become the Prince of all Saiyans with Maximilian’s character breakdown of Vegeta in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on September 17, 2017 at 2:00 pm
DBFZ Vegeta

With the closed beta now in full swing, Maximilian continues his series of character breakdowns for the currently-announced cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ, this time focusing on the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta.

Max believes Vegeta will be another extremely popular character behind Goku, due to being another all-rounder warrior. Though he has shorter range compared to Kakarot, he makes up for it by being slightly faster. Though he obviously lacks a Kamehameha Vegeta’s Ki Blast Rush allows him to pepper the screen with projectiles to keep opponents away. Vegeta also has a divekick in the form of his Intercept Kick, which will land him immediately on the ground and will also bounce foes away on hit, meaning confirms will likely require the use of Supers or Vanishes.

The Super Dash Kick propels Vegeta forward, though it lacks the travel arc of Goku’s Rapid Kick Rush. It covers about half-screen distance, can combo into either of his Supers on hit, and is great for closing the gap with an enemy. His final Special, the Crusher Knee Kick, sets him apart from Goku and his own SSB counterpart, by functioning as an uppercut. It resembles Azrael’s Panzer Strike from BlazBlue Central Fiction, and the Medium version can be followed-up with a somersault kick that knocks his foes downward, which he used against Semi-Perfect Cell in the original series.

Moving to his Super Special Attacks, Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack can be used on both the ground and in the air, travels the screen quickly, and seems for tacking on damage at the end of combos. His Level 3, the Final Flash, also has great utility for even more damage.

Max also notes that breakdowns for Teen Gohan, Frieza, Perfect Cell and Majin Buu will be on the way soon. You can also check out his breakdowns of the previous cast members at the links below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released in February 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-ordering either the regular or CollectorZ Editions will provide you will early access to the open beta, early unlocks for SSB Goku and Vegeta, as well as two exclusive Online Lobby avatars.

Source: Maximilian Dood

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