Smash 4 is getting its own $10,000 invitational with VGBC’s Smash 4 Boot Camp

By on September 12, 2017 at 1:30 pm
Smash 4 Boot Camp

While big brother Melee has enjoyed several invitationals with events like Smash Summit and Yahoo Rivalries, the Smash 4 community has been rallying to get its own invite-only tournament. Well, VBGC has finally answered the call and is hosting Smash 4’s first big invitational — named the Smash 4 Boot Camp.

Hosted between December 7th-10th and with $10,000 up for grabs, its structure will be familiar to anyone whose tuned into Smash Summit. There are eight already invited players, two wildcards which qualify by placing highly at either The Big House 7 or GT-X and then six fan voted contenders. The eight invited players are as follows:

  • TSM|ZeRo
  • CLG|VoiD
  • MSF|Larry Lurr
  • RNG|Dabuz
  • MVG|Salem
  • P1|Tweek
  • NRG|Nairo

Much like Smash Summit, there will be plenty of other events and side activities alongside the main tournaments. If you have your own ideas for potential activities, put forward your thoughts via this sheet. For extra information on the event, check out the official Smash 4 Boot Camp page. Player voting will commence in early November, so start thinking of players you’d like to see at Smash 4’s first major invitational.

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